Our Vision

Each child is an individual, that all children are individuals, that all children are creative, that all children need to succeed. So for the holistic development of the children education is imparted through Smart-Classes and by organizing various educational activities like Olympiads, Quiz, Debate and PPTS. Different club like Environment, Science, IT club etc... are activated to organize various Inter House activities to harness their competitive -skill. To spread awareness among children various Seminars, Rallies and related Nukkad Natak and Skits were conducted on social issues like Cleanliness, Hygiene and Traffic Rules. Student were guided by the toppers of IIT and 12th Board Examination.

Our Mission

Our mission is Qualitative Education, to develop young man with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their belief's to stress the total development each Child, Spiritual(Yoga, Meditation), Moral (Donation, Visit To Old-Age Home or Orphanage), Intellectual(Quiz, Seminars), Social(Cleanliness, Gardening), Physical(Sports And Games) and Hygiene. The team RGHSS encourages students to be confident, knowledgeable, responsible and productive citizen, a diverse, ever-changing world.

Aims and Objectives

School plays a pivotal role in moulding an individual future. A child always wants to fly, and at Rajeev Gandhi School , we provide them the wings for their dream flight. Our school has been instrumental in nurturing the wealth of the children. The real purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. We firmly believe in these words and wish that every child is endowed with such virtues and qualities that he stands out as a winner in the crowd.

Message from Management

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RGHSS has already proved itself and set bench mark in the field of education. The challenging task of guiding the young generation is taken care with Zeal, sincerity, patience and commitment by dedicated teachers. The RGHSS team believes that anything and everything can be achieved by persuasion, perseverance, dedication and by being focused.

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Sandeep Chouhan
(Founder Chairman)

RGHSS unleashed a new era of education long back. It has reached its zenith by the incessant hard work and determination of its mentors. All have endevoured for the excellent work. The commendable job done by the teachers with the full support from management is rewarded by the performances of the students who have brought laurels to the school.

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Mr. Sajid Ali

Usually, what is fearful for us is to experience something for the first time. Therefore, since we equipped the courage to take the initial step of it, what only left is, the half, the effort to maintain courage till the end. if we hesitate to face the difficulty and take the easy way from the first it tends to go on and reaches the result of being failed. However, if we challenge it once,

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Ms. Shikha Bhati